File Juggler Affiliate program

  • Do you have a blog, a website, a podcast or any other online presence?
  • Do you like File Juggler, and do you want to recommend it to your readers or community?

Tell the world about File Juggler, and earn a 40% commission for any sale you refer.

At a glance

  • 40% commision
  • 90 days cookie retention

Who can apply?

I am looking for affiliates that have a website, a podcast or social media presence, who feels that File Juggler is a great tool that could be useful for their audience.

Sales tracking and payments

You will be paid through Fastpring, File Juggler's online retailer. Commisions are paid monthly, and you have an option of several payment methods.

You will receive a custom link that you should use when directing traffic. When the user clicks this link, a cookie will be placed to track the sales back to you. The cookie expires after 90 days, so the user must complete the sale within this time frame for you to earn the commission.

If another affiliate directs the same user to the site, the sale will be tracked to the most recent affiliate.

Coupons and deals

Contact me if you're interested in offering a coupon or deal specifically to your users.


Send me a mail and let me know a bit about what you do. Feel free to ask me anything, and let me know if there's anything I can improve to make File Juggler a better fit for you and your users.