Monitor folders

File Juggler monitors one or more folders for changes. When a file in the folders matches the specified conditions it will take action. 

File Juggler can also monitor network drives and external drives. If your rule is monitoring a drive that is not available at the moment, File Juggler will simply wait for it.

See how you can set up folder monitoring here.

Monitor a single folder

This example monitors a single folder called "Monitor". The moment a file appears in this folder that matches the specified conditions it will take action.

/Screenshots/monitor one folder

You can also check Include subfolders to also monitor all folders in the Monitor folder.

/Screenshots/monitor subfolders

Exclude folders from monitoring

In some cases it might be useful to monitor all folders, except a few specific ones.

This example monitors the "Monitor" folder and all subfolders, but uses a condition to exclude files in the "Subfolder 2" folder.

/Screenshots/monitor subfolders except one