Going paperless with File Juggler

Going paperless is about storing bills, letters, invoices and other important documents digitally. This makes them easier to organize end retrieve, and it frees up the space you use for storing paper documents.

File Juggler can help you create an automatic workflow to make archiving and organizing scanned documents easier.

Move, rename, copy, delete

File Juggler monitors a folder for new files, and performs all basic file operations on them automatically.

Examine contents of files

File Juggler can check the contents of text files, word documents and pdf files, and take action if a file contains a word or a phrase.

In the examples below, this feature is used to examine if pdf files contain phrases like "invoice" or "gas company name", and then organize them in the matching folders.

Archive documents by the date

File Juggler can read pdf, word and text documents and extract a date from them, you can use the date to rename or move files, so that you can archive files by the date contained in a document automatically.


Use File Juggler to organize files and upload them to Evernote for storage. File Juggler can upload files you specify to evernote, and you can select the notebook you want and add tags to the notes.

You can configure File Juggler in countless ways, to make it match your preferred way of organizing your files. See below for a few examples of rules you can create in File Juggler.



Try the new beta

File Juggler 2.0 beta contains several improvements that will help you manage documents based on their contents.

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File Juggler is a windows utility for automatic file management. You set up the rules, and File Juggler will monitor your folders and manage your files automatically.

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