Let File Juggler organize your files

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File Juggler 2.0.16
2019-04-09 • What's new?

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For Windows Vista or later

Organize files automatically

File Juggler monitors your folders for files, and automatically organizes them when they appear.

You create rules that specify what files it should take action on, and what it should do. File Juggler can move, rename, delete, copy and much more.

Organize documents

Extract content snippets and dates from documents and use them to organize your documents.

Organize documents with File Juggler

How File Juggler works

1. Monitor

File Juggler rules monitor one or more folders. When a file is added or changed it reacts instantly.

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2. If

File Juggler examines if the file matches your conditions.

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3. Then

File Juggler takes the actions you have set up.


Standard file operations

Rename, move, copy, delete and send to recycle bin

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Use artist, album, title and more to organize your audio files.

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Searchable log that helps you keep track of what your rules have done.

Use the contents of documents

Read and extract dates, invoice numbers and other snippets of information from documents, and use it to organize your documents.

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Use image properties in your rules.

Extract files

Automatically extract files when they appear in your folders.

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Create notes in Evernote tags and files attached.

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Run command line commands

Run external tools and commands as part of your rules.