Use dates in documents to move and rename files

If you want to automate your organization of documents, it can be useful to read and use dates in the contents of documents. You could use this to fx. organize your invoices by invoice date.

In File Juggler we can create a variable that will contain a date from a specific position in the document, and make this available in the rename and move commands.

The invoice date variable created in this rule is the first date from the contents of document. You can use this variable as a part of the file name when renaming, or as a part of the file path when moving the file. Here it's used to rename the file.

In this rule we read the first date from the document, and create a variable with the year and another one with the name of the month of that date. This way we can put all of the invoices in folders named 2019\january, 2019\february etc.

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