Organize documents with File Juggler

File juggler is great for organizing documents.

You create rules that tell File Juggler wich files it should take action on and where to move them, how to rename them and more.

File juggler can read the contents of your files and extract snippets of information that it can use in rules. You can extract dates, company names, customer numbers and more from your documents and use them to organize your files.

Use the content of files to rename and move

File Juggler organize your documents based on their content.

This rule will take all files that contain "Volkswagen" and move them to "Carmakers".

/Screenshots/volkswagen invoices

If you need to organize different types of content in the same way, you can create variables.

This rule does the same as the rule above, but it uses a list of carmakers.

This way you can easily organize all Carmakers the same way.

Read more about this here.

Extract dates from a documents

You can extract dates from documents and use them to rename or move the document.

This rule extracts a date from the document, and adds it to the file name.

You can change the output format of the date.

This reads a date in any format and uses the date to move a file into a folder called Year\Month\