Can File Juggler...?

Frequently asked questions

Does File Juggler support Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.?

Yes, if you install the windows software for the service you use.

File Juggler doesn't support Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive directly, but if you install the windows software for these services they will create a folder on your computer that automatically mirrors to the cloud. File Juggler can read, write and monitor this folder just like any other folder.

Does File Juggler run on servers / as a service?

File Juggler does not run as a service, and as such it isn't well suited for use on servers. But I am planning to add this feature.

You will be able to run and install File Juggler on server versions 2012 and later, but it will only be able to run when a user is logged in. This is often not ideal.

I plan to add full support for servers. I don't plan to create a regular service application, rather i'll make a headless program that can run automatically using task scheduler. The reason for this is that services cannot run external programs, and so the "Run Command" action will not work. I suspect this would be a problem in many use cases on servers.

If you are interested in being notified when there is news about this feature, you can sign up to the list here: File Juggler server version interest list.

Can File Juggler send emails?

No, and I don't plan to add this feature.

I have considered adding a send email feature, but decided against it for now. There's a lot of configuration involved, especially if the contents of the email should be editable. I think this is out of the scope of File Juggler.

Here is a very useful review of tools that can send emails from command line. You would be able to trigger one of these using File Juggler's "run command" action.

Can i backup or move rules to another computer?

There's no built in import/export feature yet, but you can do it manually.

Take a look at this folder (replace your user name):

You will find a Config.xml file. You can copy this file to same location on another computer with FJ installed.

If you need to merge one computers rules with anothers, you will need to edit the configuration files and copy each <rule> segment to the other file, to create one with all rules. It's rather simple if you are just a little familiar with XML, and not to hard even if you are not.

The import/export feature is on my todo list.

Can File Juggler manage folders?

No, File Juggler only handles files, not complete folders

I have done some work on this feature, but decided not to go on with it at this point. It’s a big feature that requires many fundemental changes to File Juggler, and currently i’d like to prioritise other features.

It’s still a good idea, and gets suggested from time to time. I’ll like to get back to it later.