Frequently asked questions

How I prioritise feature suggestions

I get a lot of great ideas and feature requests for users, many more than I have time to implement, so I need to prioritise.

This is some of the factors I consider when I prioritize suggestions from users:

  • How often the particular feature is suggested.
  • How much time a feature will take to implement.
  • How well it fits in my understanding of what should be essential to the program.

Are you currently working on File Juggler?

I have been working on File Juggler slowly but steadily since 2012.

Currently (dec. 2019) I have a steady job 4 days a week and have the last day for File Juggler​. So speed isn't exactly blazing, but I touch File Juggler at least once a week, be it for support emails, coding, website updates or other stuff.

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