Is the trial limited in any way?

The trial period is 30 days, but it isn't limited in features

If you want to continue using File Juggler after the 30th day, you must pay.

After 30 days become a little annoying and start telling you that you should buy it, if you want to keep using it. But it won't stop working at any point, and is not limited in features.

Can File Juggler manage folders?

No, File Juggler only handles files, not complete folders

I have done some work on this feature, but decided not to go on with it at this point. It’s a big feature that requires many fundemental changes to File Juggler, and currently i’d like to prioritise other features.

It’s still a good idea, and gets suggested from time to time. I’ll like to get back to it later.

How often does File Juggler look for changes in a folder?

File Juggler subscribes to notifications about changes in folders. This means it reacts almost instantly.

It does not scan folders at regular intervals, except in situations where it cannot subscribe to these notifications, like network locations.

Can i backup or move rules to another computer?

There's no built in import/export feature yet, but you can do it manually.

Take a look at this folder (replace your user name):

You will find a Config.xml file. You can copy this file to same location on another computer with FJ installed.

If you need to merge one computers rules with anothers, you will need to edit the configuration files and copy each <rule> segment to the other file, to create one with all rules. It's rather simple if you are just a little familiar with XML, and not to hard even if you are not.

The import/export feature is on my todo list.

Are you currently working on File Juggler?


I have been working on File Juggler slowly but steadily since 2012. Currently (feb. 2017) I have a steady job 4 days a week and have the last day for File Juggler​. So speed isn't exactly blazing, but I touch File Juggler at least once a week, be it for support emails, coding, website updates or other stuff.

File Juggler can't find anything in my PDF files?

It might be that you need to run an OCR program in the files.

The OCR program will convert the scanned image into text so they are searchable for File Juggler and other programs.

I found a comparison of 5 free ocr programs here:

Do rules run in order?

No. Rules will run in the order they are listed in most cases, but you cannot depend on this when creating rules.

In some cases it could be useful if the rules ran in order. You would be able to create catch-all rules: first move the pdf files somewhere, then move all the rest somewhere else.

The problem is that if rules should run strictly in order, they would also depend on each other. If we cannot move all the pdf files first, then "the rest" might also contain pdf files, and the logic of the catch-all rule is broken. So File Juggler would have to stop processing all following rules.

If file juggler cannot process a rule for some reason, it will go on with the rest of the rules, and try again later. This can happen if it should take action on a file that is being downloaded or is locked for writing because it's open.

So catch-all rules also require that you actively select the rules that should run in order, so other rules will not be affected by pauses or errors. This is not supported, at least yet.


Are any of these helpful?