When a file is created in a folder File Juggler monitors, it will examine the file using the conditions you have set up, and decide if it should take action or not.

Here are three examples of conditions used to delete old files.

Simple condition

This rule will send files to the recycle bin, if they are created more than 3 weeks ago

/Screenshots/delete old files

Two conditions

This rule has two conditions. Files are sent to recycle bin if 1) they are created more than 3 weeks ago, and 2) they are larger than 30 Mb.

/Screenshots/delete old large files

Complex condition

This rule will send files to recycle bin if they are:

1) older than three weeks and larger than 30 MB

or if they are

2) older than one week and larger than 1G

So in practice 1Gb files are deleted after 1 week, 30 MB files are deleted after 3 weeks and smaller files are left.

Note the distinction between "Any of the following" and "All of the following": Any is like a list of conditions with or between them, all is like a list of conditions with and between them.

/Screenshots/delete old large files faster