Creating rules

Tips and recommendations about creating rules in File Juggler

Before you start


File Juggler moves, renames and deletes files quickly without warning. Before you start working on a rule that manages your files make sure you have backup so you can recover from an error in your setup. Mistakes will happen.

Also make sure you use send recycle bin to test before using delete.

Editing rules

When you create a file juggler rule, you must specify:

  1. The folders File Juggler should monitor for files
  2. If: Which files File Juggler should take action on
  3. Then: What File Juggler should do to the files

When you edit the rule the file list will update to show you the files that matches your selection. The file list will also show you which matching files that has already been processed. Files will be processed the first time File Juggler sees them and when they changes, but you can mark the files "pending" to make File Juggler process them again.

Monitor folders

File Juggler monitors one or more folders for changes. See how you can set up folder monitoring here.