Monitor folders

File Juggler monitors one or more folders for changes. When a file in the folders matches the specified conditions it will take action. 

A rule monitors at least one folder for files. You can add several folders to the list of monitored folders, and for each folder you can specify that the rule should also monitor sub folders.

File Juggler can also monitor network drives and external drives. If your rule is monitoring a drive that is not available at the moment, File Juggler will wait for it.

You can exclude individual folders by using a file path condition, fx. file path must not contain 'temp'.

See how you can set up folder monitoring here.

Monitor a single folder

This example monitors a single folder called Monitor. The moment a file appears in this folder that matches the specified conditions it will take action.

Monitor two folders

Here we have added a second folder to monitor

Monitor subfolders

You can also check Include subfolders to also monitor all folders in the Monitor folder.

Exclude folders from monitoring

In some cases it might be useful to monitor all folders, except a few specific ones.

This example monitors the Monitor folder and all subfolders, but uses a condition to exclude files in the Subfolder 2 folder.


Conditions are used to specify which files a rule should process.