Variables are used to work with information about files that will be different from file to file. Examples are the file's creation date, size or snippet of textual content.

You can use variables when building conditions (If file size is larger than X) or when running actions (rename to file size).


Some variables can be defined and configured by you. For example, when using date variables you can configure the format of the date that File Juggler should use. This allows you to use a complete date in the file name of a file, or use the month name to sort files in folders named with the month they were created.

Find dates in documents

Word list and dictionaries

Word list and dictionaries can be used to simplify setup in cases where you would use several words in the same way. For example "if file contents contains John or Paul or George or Ringo move file to John or Paul or George or Ringo".

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Patterns and regex

You can use patterns and regular expressions (regex) to find and use custom snippets of data from documents.

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